Head or heart knowledge?


God loves you completely and unconditionally! His love for you can’t be change! He loves you as much as He loves Jesus! His love can’t be earned! Even  if you do the greatest thing right now, lead a thousand to Christ etc. will it not make His love for you more because His love for you is complete, overflowing and unchanging. Even if you never change or sin or do the most  horrible thing (even constantly) it will not make Gods love for you any less! He loves you because that is who He is!

The thing God wants to change is our ability to receive and experience His love in our hearts.

For a long time in my life I new God loved me, I mean Jesus died for me on the cross and there is no greater love than that!!! But in my heart that true knowing and feeling wasn’t always there and it showed in my actions. Not experiencing Gods love caused me to feel lonely even though people where around me, i was afraid of rejection, i was always ready to fight for myself etc. But then God changed my ability to receive and experience His love and that changed me whole life!

You see, Gods love hates rejection, fear, anxiety, loneliness, depression and anything negative! When you ask and allow God to change you in order for you to truely experience His love in your heart, circumstances and peoples actions doesn’t determine our emotions and behavior anymore because we are rooted in His love, we experience His love and walk in it! Nothing can satisfy like Gods love!

But we must make time to experience it in our lives! I challenge you today to take a few moments everyday for the rest of you life and put some worship music on and ask God to pour His love on you and help you to experience it. Believe me, its life changing and deliberating! Pure joy!

Father God I pray today that you will touch each person reading this article right now and continue to touch them with your love! Change their ability to receive and experience your love! In Jesus Name